Who’s responsible?

Tim Biggs – Games / Tech

I’m Tim Biggs, a writer and journalist based in Melbourne. I work as a night producer at a major news organisation, finding the images and tweaking the headlines and abstracts to make your online news experience glossy and pretty. I also contribute to a bunch of fan sites and writes occasional features for shiny outlets like IGN, in addition of course to providing the bulk of content for The Weekly Rift. I built this site from the ground up.

I have a Master’s degree in communication from RMIT university. My study has had an emphasis on Journalism (and that’s what my Bachelor’s degree is in), but has also tended towards philosophy, ethics, literature and the narrative processes of video games. My Master’s research involved the place of the video game in post-modern social theory.

Obviously I do a lot of gaming as well. I’m huge Nintendo fan and a J-RPG veteran, as well as a former Sega devotee, a collector of old consoles, games and handhelds, a spoony bard, a snappy dresser and a cautious pedestrian.

You can contact me through weeklyrift@live.com.au

Click here to see all the lecherous things I’ve written over at IGN.

Click here to see what I’ve been saying recently about Nintendo’s Wii U.

Anthony Read – Music

Note: Anthony isn’t around much anymore, but all his awesome metal-musings are still available for your head-banging enjoyment.

Anthony is a bit of a nutter. He works part-time for a graphic design firm, writing their biannual design magazine. He tutors small children on the weekend, teaching them the difference between they’re and their. He also loves music, with a distinct and often ridiculous passion.

Stemming from a love of metal from the age of 10, Anthony has branched out to practice and study in jazz, classical, ska, big band, as well as old-school thrash and death metal. He has taken this love of music through University, writing his Honours thesis on 30 years of shifting theoretical and historial approaches to heavy metal, through the eyes of Eddie, Iron Maiden’s band mascot. Yes, a bit of a nutter indeed.

Anthony hopes to bring a fresh perspective to music analysis on The Weekly Rift, using his most well-known and well-loved artists to talk about postmodernism, art, and blastbeats. Got a query? Email, and he’ll do his best to give you as straightforward an answer as possible. Although we don’t hold too much hope for that.


3 thoughts on “Who’s responsible?

  1. Hey,
    I really like the idea of the website and what are you doing. I am a writer for a blog called “The Stylish Jerk”. Every once in a while, I would like to do articles on video games and politics, but the content would not fit with my website. I was wondering if I could be a guest author on your site if you guys like any of my post.

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