Wii U eShop reviews

Wii U eShop reviews

As the Wii U finally hits store shelves the major games media websites are chock-full of reviews and impressions for all the biggest games. That’s why we’re only covering the system’s indie titles. Continue reading

A very retail Christmas

A very retail Christmas

This may be one of the very last years that retail stores play a big part in pushing holiday software, so here’s a look at what the big three video game hardware companies will have available on store shelves. Continue reading

News: SNES style Wii U pro controller

EB Games Australia (arm of global games retailer GameStop) has updated their list of launch Wii U accessories to include the ‘Wii U Controller – SNES Version’, which appears to be the Wii U pro controller with a cosmetic old-school flavour. Nintendo does not list this controller on their official website nor have they officially … Continue reading

DLC Review: New Super Mario Bros 2 coin rush maps

After years spent avoiding such modern-day gaming staples as persistent online multiplayer, digital distribution and downloadable content, Nintendo seems set on playing catch-up. After announcing that all forthcoming first-party titles would be available digitally, instituting the mysterious Nintendo Network, hinting at the social networking potential of Mii-Verse on the Wii U and claiming via Reggie … Continue reading

Iterative is Not a Dirty Word

Iterative. It’s a term that’s often used with some measure of distaste, but the truth is there’s a whole lot to value in games that don’t necessarily switch up their gameplay. To be clear, there are games that are derivative (like Mutant Mudds) and games that iterate on a core gameplay mechanic that didn’t really … Continue reading

Nintendo’s troll trouble

Any major hardware release is preceded by a period of speculative analysis – predictions of the quality and specifications of the final product based only on whatever details are available. While much of the Wii U analysis follows familiar trends – either caution or approval following each one of the breadcrumbs of information falling from Nintendo’s hand … Continue reading