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Tech industry new year’s resolutions

Tech industry new year’s resolutions

In the spirit of such arbitrary conventions as year-end retrospective lists, year-start prospective lists and bad faith new year’s resolutions, here’s a look at some promises our big tech companies should be making. Continue reading

A very retail Christmas

A very retail Christmas

This may be one of the very last years that retail stores play a big part in pushing holiday software, so here’s a look at what the big three video game hardware companies will have available on store shelves. Continue reading

News: SNES style Wii U pro controller

EB Games Australia (arm of global games retailer GameStop) has updated their list of launch Wii U accessories to include the ‘Wii U Controller – SNES Version’, which appears to be the Wii U pro controller with a cosmetic old-school flavour. Nintendo does not list this controller on their official website nor have they officially … Continue reading

Nintendo’s troll trouble

Any major hardware release is preceded by a period of speculative analysis – predictions of the quality and specifications of the final product based only on whatever details are available. While much of the Wii U analysis follows familiar trends – either caution or approval following each one of the breadcrumbs of information falling from Nintendo’s hand … Continue reading

Software review: Dropbox

10:00am There was once a time, I assume, where one’s level and kind of productivity was limited by geography. Today, for example, I’m taking a trip from Melbourne to Bendigo. It’s easy to imagine a pre-internet time where such a trip would separate me from my work and my more productive hobbies, making for a … Continue reading

E3 wrap: The hardware / software divide

The show’s over folks. For another year we’ve been filled with all the new videogame media we can handle and all the sugary-sweet corporate friend-talk we can stomach. Over two posts I’ll be taking a look at several aspects of this year’s E3. It isn’t a blow-by-blow – that kind of analysis is best left … Continue reading

E3 speculation machine day 3: Sony

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo kicking off next week, console gamers are looking to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony to make big announcements and hyberbolic claims about the experiences they’ll be bringing us in the year to come. Over three days I’ll be taking a look at what the ‘Big Three’ are likely to have in store.