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Interworks ‘Controller Pro U’ review

Interworks ‘Controller Pro U’ review

The Super Nintendo-inspired Wii U controller that claims to be a remote, classic controller and pro controller in one must infringe on several Nintendo patents, but does this Frankenstein’s monster deliver? Continue reading

Little Inferno review

Little Inferno review

Little Inferno is a divisive game, and many of its detractors are justified. Yet at the heart of this slow-paced propaganda puzzler burns a smart and eerie experience for those willing to give it the time. Continue reading

DLC Review: New Super Mario Bros 2 coin rush maps

After years spent avoiding such modern-day gaming staples as persistent online multiplayer, digital distribution and downloadable content, Nintendo seems set on playing catch-up. After announcing that all forthcoming first-party titles would be available digitally, instituting the mysterious Nintendo Network, hinting at the social networking potential of Mii-Verse on the Wii U and claiming via Reggie … Continue reading

Software review: Dropbox

10:00am There was once a time, I assume, where one’s level and kind of productivity was limited by geography. Today, for example, I’m taking a trip from Melbourne to Bendigo. It’s easy to imagine a pre-internet time where such a trip would separate me from my work and my more productive hobbies, making for a … Continue reading

Film review: The Avengers

The Avengers have been an institution in the Marvel universe for 50 years, but apparently were until recently so unknown to the general populace that the UK film authority was worried movie-goers would confuse the film with the camp 60s spy show of the same name. This probably will be less of a concern for the sequel, as last … Continue reading

Product review: PlayStation Vita

On the night of February 22 I stood in line at EB Games with a bunch of other nerds and techno-hipsters waiting for midnight so I could get my new machine and leave. I use the word ‘line’ loosely, as in reality there were less than 30 of us and we milled around pretty easily … Continue reading