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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: demo impressions

If you were to delve into my mind in search of only the most emotionally charged memories that inform my love affair with Square Enix’s Final Fantasy saga, you would first find the much-maligned Final Fantasy VIII. For this reason I often feel a little left out when people reflect or pontificate on Final Fantasy. … Continue reading

Song by Song Analyses – Worth It?

Bumming around the city today, I stumbled across a book written a few years ago about Metallica. It promised to be a ‘song-by-song’ breakdown of Metallica’s entire career, and what each song means in the fabric of their career as a whole. Unfortunately, skipping through the book, I found each song’s comments to be a … Continue reading

Blip Festival Australia 2012

Collaborative review by music writer Anthony Read and games writer Tim Biggs. In a time when a lot of us were growing up, the music and sound effects of computers and video games were not recorded and compressed, as they are now, to be played at the appropriate time. In those days the sounds were … Continue reading

Of Fame and Uncaring

On Sunday 12 February 2012, Whitney Houston died. Turning on the computer as I got home from work, saw the headline, turned to metalgf, and somewhat callously said, “I thought she was already dead?!” In my mind, I wanted to care that this person had kicked the bucket – but as hard as I tried, … Continue reading

Who cares about lyrics anyway?

So metalgf (code for partner of this particular writer) and I constantly listen to metal in my car. In her’s, it’s either the Mountain Goats, Lady Gaga or ‘the Bad Touch’. You know you love it. But, whenever something like Kvelertak or Chimaira comes on, the first thing to be said is, “You know, I … Continue reading