What is this?

The Weekly Rift is a project that aims to give you some of the things that have fallen by the wayside in the modern games and tech-entertainment blog.

You will not find quick updates, cursory product reviews or gut reactions here. I appreciate all those things, but the internet is pretty much full of them already.

In an environment that is hit-driven, targeted, search-engine-optimized and geared for ease-of-consumption, I mean to slow things down and fuzzy up the focus a little.

You may not necessarily be ‘in’ to the topic up for discussion, but l it’s refreshing to read something once in a while that hasn’t been hand-picked and targetted for us, something that hasn’t been ‘suggested’ by the previous items we’ve enjoyed.

That said, I hope you enjoy the site, and check back frequently (or use the handy twitter button to keep abreast of new posts), because the ‘weekly’ in the name isn’t so much a reflection of how often the site is updated, but more a reminder that sometimes good writing can’t fit into the hourly status update or daily news cycle.

Feedback / inquiries to: weeklyrift@live.com.au


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